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Going Financially Free online is all about the Numbers – Affiliate Marketing


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I am not going to claim that I am there already but logically speaking, running an internet business and deriving a sustainable income is actually possible. Like any other business, it is all about the numbers.

I have run a few programs and actually sold a few products via affiliate marketing. The only thing is that I lack effort, resulting in trickles of traffic, and subsequently low income.

Let me run through some numbers here.

Affiliate Marketing

A typical affiliate product can sell for $29.

Say you can derive a 50% commission from every sale you refer – $14.50

Depends on your sales pitch (i.e. skill in making a good splash page), let’s assume a 1% conversion rate.

It means it takes 100 visitors to your site to earn $14.50.

Say you would like to make $2900 a month, this translates to driving 20,000 people to your page in a month, or simply about 650 unique visits a day.

The only 2 things you should do is
1) build a good splash page to ensure at least 1% conversion
2) Build traffic (via articles, referrals, SEO etc) to ensure 650 visitors come daily.

Number 1 is a 1-time effort; Number 2 can slowly be built up.

This is not impossible and can actually be very encouraging. Because when you first start out, it may not be hard to cliche the first sale. The thing is to get more sales.

So ya, I better stop talking and start doing too.

A good product and splash page.

650 visitors a day.


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  • http://www.postsgenius.com/affiliate/ Charlotte Day

    You’re really good at it! Were all your experiences become worth it? Well, it looks like it! This post would encourage anyone to try affiliate marketing! Good job. 😉

  • BigDave

    Good information here! Affiliate Marketing is definitely a great way to earn a passive stream of income online.